As an event professional, newly engaged couples ask me all the time why do I need a wedding planner and what’s the big deal if I find my wedding location on my own. The truth to avoiding wedding disasters:

Better Buying Power

When negotiating directly with hotels or venues, at times, these locations have their best interest in mind. But, they should! Who is representing you?  Based on the industry city pricing and averages, we can better negotiate room rates, catering costs, service fees and eliminate hidden costs in most cases. We speak the  skilled “language” of events!

Saving Valuable Time and Resources

The average bride spends 8-10 hours per week searching the internet, calling around, comparing prices and trying to understand this world of secretive wedding rentals. By the time wedding contracts are signed, you can expect to spend a total of a one full week worth of pay and time.  Is it worth it?  No. I recommend that couples spend this time in discussing and deciding what their first few years of marriage should be. Leave the searching to us, up front!

Knowing the Right Contacts

Couples do have connections and that helps in the planning process. As event sourcing specialist, we have access to a network of national sales representatives that represent all hotel and venues nationwide. We know who to call when you have an issue with contracts, event space or event sleeping room accommodations. There are thousands of great hotels, venues and destinations that offer top notch service and that we highly recommend to our couples and friends.

Legal Issues

Hotels and Venues do go bankrupt and out of business — To protect you and your wedding events, we negotiate on your behalf. We represent your legal rights in the unforeseen situations. We negotiate lower and fair deposits, recommend and confirm reasonable payment terms with penalties clauses where (in most cases) a hotel or venue will owe you money. Nice!

Free Stuff and Perks

Getting married does have it’s benefits. In order to obtain those perks and special gifts, you need to know exactly what to ask and what suppliers are willing to provide to you.

As a wedding planner and souring expert, Event1Source works for you at no charge. Our services are complimentary in finding and selecting the perfect wedding or event location. We offer personalized service, guaranteed  — selecting the right location for you.  Get started today and shoot us an email or request services today!

Don’t waste your week of time! Happy Weddings!

Event Success Advisor -Dion
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