E1S Direct Team

We deliver what we promise!

Our E1S Direct Team of qualified travel directors delivers event and meeting execution with proven experience and talent.  We are a staffing agent, we provide the highest level of hospitality experts with a passion for excellence.

We “hand-pick” the correct team and oversee the team in real time.  Our team is led by award-winning, certified and well-renowned industry leaders.

We offer the following services:

  • Complete assessment profile for your event/meeting
  • Provide guidance for effective staffing
  • Engage the right team with internal resources for domestic and international cities
  • Ensure in-house directors are fully well-trained
  • Conduct staffing introductory call and team briefing session
  • Perform 3 Touch-Check Point during each assignment
  • Provide meeting re-cap summary
  • Contract large to small programs with over 100 internal ambassadors
  • Offer competitive rates

3 Touch-Check Point incorporates:

  1. (Before the event) Meeting readiness
  2. (On-site at the event) Review of services and check in
  3. (After the event) Follow-Up assessment
“Truly an amazing experience. I am so happy with the level of knowledge, skills and friendly attitude”
American Express
“Your services are amazing and represents the best resources in the industry. We are making your services our #1 supplier. Congrats!”
Verizon Communications