Mr. John Mason & Mrs. Julia Stone have the honour

of inviting you to their virtual wedding

09. 07. 2020 at 3pm.

As we celebrate this season of love, we are inviting our family and friends to enjoy our wedding by staying at home, in comfort. We will be streaming our virtual wedding on the big day with eWedd.

We do not except anyone to travel during this time as we care for your safety and well-being. However, we do wish for your love and support as we prepare to marry very soon.


Click the eWedd link below to access the wedding at the start time

Our Very Own Love Story!

We started dating and the idea of being together was powerful. She took my breath away. We meet on a lovely beach — each walking towards each other, not aware that we would catch eyes. She was stunning! 

She loves me even though the ring was 1 year late!

He finally gave me a ring, but I felt like I was begging… But if you know me, I like what to do things my way.

Our Wedding Details

We are excited to share our special day with you. Here are some things to know in preparing to join the EWedd experience.

Yes, we encourage little ones to be present. Be sure to mute your phone or video. 

Yes, You will find our registry on this page as well. 

Yes, A wedding host will be present to assist you. Any issues, please email

Typically, a short reception will follow the ceremony. However, this is different that being in person. We will allow guests to share any special remarks as time allows. 

Yes, please dress in  “casual” white and thank you.


Please send an email to confirm your attendance to We look forward to seeing you at our wedding!